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What's In It For Me?

  • With auto loan refinancing, you can receive a new loan with a lower interest rate, a more affordable payment plan, and a customized repayment schedule.
  • With interest rates at a historical low, more and more people are refinancing their auto loans.
  • By refinancing your auto loan - even if you're more than two months late, you can take advantage of lower interest rates, vehicle improvement bonuses, and avoid damaging credit penalties.
Late Auto Payments Don't Have To Bring You Down.

Late Auto Payment Refinancing

Are you late on your auto payments and worried about repossession? Don’t give up hope! By refinancing your auto loan, you can avoid repossession and negotiate a more advantageous payment plan.

What Is Auto Loan Refinancing?

Essentially, when you refinance your existing car loan, you are replacing it with a new agreement that has its own repayment schedule, as well as a lower interest rate. This helps you save money on your monthly bill, and could end up being the difference between you losing or keeping your vehicle.

How Does Auto Loan Refinancing Work?

By consolidating your existing debts into one manageable package, creditors are able to offer you a more attractive set of terms and conditions. There are many reliable and accredited car refinance companies that will perform this service for you.

More Advantages Of Auto Payment Refinancing:

Customize the payment plan that works for you: During the refinancing period, you can negotiate with your creditors to receive a better interest rate - one that fits within your budget.

A better repayment schedule: You can also choose a monthly payment schedule that works specifically for your financial needs. So, if you would prefer to make payments on a certain date every month, or make one payment several times per month, then you can choose to do that.

Improve your vehicle: The refinancing period also gives you the opportunity to spruce up your vehicle. By including the cost of accessories and add-ons into the refinancing package, you can come out of the negotiation period with a much more attractive vehicle. Sometimes, new car loans will even offer additional incentives and bonuses.

Avoid brokerage costs: Every year, people pay thousands of dollars of unnecessary fees because they chose to negotiate with their auto loan company through a middle-man. Every time you go through a middle-man, you lose money in fees. Even if you significantly lower your interest rate, these fees could wipe out any savings that you may have received through refinancing. Avoid having this happen to you by dealing directly with the institution.

Avoid bad credit penalties: During the auto loan refinancing period, even people with poor credit will be able to get a new car loan.

Safe transactions: It’s natural to feel nervous any time somebody is dealing with your financial information. Thankfully, in the United States, every auto loan refinancing company must be registered with the government, meaning that your information is as safe and secure as possible.

So What!?!


According to Fitch Ratings, the number of auto loans past due by at least two months reached a 10-year high in January.


Nationwide, according to Experian, 12.4% of consumers have at least one late auto payment on file. One in three auto-loan borrowers have payments greater than $500 a month, and 12% have been late at least once.

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